Bad’Az (the za’atar one)


Bad’Az Za’atar is a magical combination of sesame seeds, sumac and herbs. Use it to flavour roasted and sautéed meats, vegetables or kebabs of any kind. It jazzes up any bread dip and adds zest to breadcrumbs for meat, fish or chicken. Add it to salad dressing to impart a fragrant depth. or top labneh (strained yogurt), hummus, or fresh vegetables to add tangy brightness. It’s the aromatic blend we can’t live without!

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Za’atar is today’s ‘IT’ spice blend. A quintessential Middle Eastern spice blend, Bad’Az Za’atar combines bold flavours, textures and aromas. Olive green in colour, it has a distinctive tangy, nutty and bright flavour. (It’s the defining spice blend of Israeli and Palestinian cuisines.)

Taste Bad’Az in action in any of these recipes:

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Additional information

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