About Our Spice Blends

The Gorgeous Spice Company partners with independent spice merchants and craftspeople to source our spices and create our blends. With all of our products, our goal is to provide the purest and most intense flavour experience. That means each blend is made in small batches just for us and packaged within just a few days of blending.

Our raw spices are processed to minimize stems and other non-essentials and to make the most of the high oil content that gives them their flavour and aroma. This demands expert attention to things like processing temperature and even the speed at which spices are ground. It takes a little more time and costs a little more than typical grocery store spice blends, but we think you’ll agree the results are more than worth it.

Our blends are created with those same high-quality spices. Like traditional spice blends have always done, our blends will sometimes contain flavour enhancers like salt and sugar. We use these ingredients in the smallest amount possible to give you a Gorgeous flavour experience, but never as filler.