“Wow, what did you put in this cabbage?”

Not surprisingly, The Gorgeous Spice Company was born over dinner (well, many dinners, if I’m honest). Like you, I love to cook, and I love to share meals with the people I care about. But over years of sharing food with friends, I began to notice that some dinners were more special than others, even if our guests were the same wonderful people. Those meals just seemed more fun to prepare, and they brought more conversational energy to the table. And the most fabulous evenings were the ones that ended with scribbled notes and promises to email recipes. And the secret to the very best recipes turned out to be spices.

Of course, everything matters on the journey to a great meal. You want the freshest, most uncompromising ingredients, the best tools, and the skills to go with them. But when someone’s face lights up at the first forkful, it usually isn’t because of the carrots or the rice or
the Brussels sprouts. It’s because of what you did with them. It’s because of some magic you added to it it. Ingredients give a meal quality, but spices give it life.

You might even say spices make food gorgeous.

That’s why I created The Gorgeous Spice Company: to constantly seek out fresh new ways to dazzle the people you cook for and deliver them right to your door, along with all the information and inspiration you need to keep that conversation going until your next masterpiece.

The Gorgeous Spice Company is proudly a Canadian company, based in the South Georgian Bay Area. We sell online, with delivery to anywhere in Canada and the USA, as can also be found in a few select retailers.