Smoked Paprika


Paprika is native to North America (Mexico). Christopher Columbus introduced it to Europe, where it became Hungary’s national spice, and the heart of many of Spain’s most famous dishes, including paella and chorizo sausage.

Smoked Paprika, which hails from Spain, is made by slowly smoking red pimentón peppers over a smouldering oak fire to create its rich, smoky taste and vibrant red colouring.

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We use this flavourful spice as the base for our flavour-bursting Lonestar’s Leap cowboy blend.

Smoked Paprika adds an earthy, smoky taste to all sorts of dishes — from BBQ rubs and stews, to beans, soups and chilis. It gives depth to entrees and provides a colourful garnish on dips and cheeses.  It works equally well on meat, poultry and fish, and can really perk up vegetarian dishes.

Here are three gorgeous recipes to get you better acquainted with our Smoked Paprika: Fusion Shrimp in Smoked Paprika Coconut Sauce, Smoky Cauliflower with Turmeric and Smoked Paprika & Rosemary Cheese Straws

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