Larb Lettuce Wraps

Larb Lettuce Wraps

Larb-inspired Lettuce Wraps

Full confession, Larb was not a dish I ever had growing up and it’s probably best to say this is a ‘Larb’ inspired dish, in case I miss any specific ingredients that could be tricky to find in local grocery stores.

Essentially it’s a protein and salad combo, that is the national dish of Loas. And it’ lends itself wonderfully to a variety of ground meat or tofu. It can be served on a bed of rice or in lettuce wraps.


¼ Cup Lime Juice, freshly squeezed

1 ½ Tbsp Fish Sauce

1 ½ Tbsp Light Brown Sugar

A dash of Chile Paste, crushed Chiles or alternate hot sauce *optional


600-700 g Ground meat or Tofu (Use pork, chicken, turkey or tofu)

½ Cup Sticky Rice or Jasmine Rice,

⅓ Cup Shallots, coursely chopped

1 ½ Tbsp The Spice Who Loved Me

1 Clove of Garlic, chopped finely or minced

1 ½ Tbsp Fish Sauce

1 tsp salt

1/ 2 Cup Mix of Chopped Mint, Chopped Cilantro

10 Large Lettuce Leaves (Bibb, Romaine or Iceberg work well)

Chopped cucumber and green onions, to garnish