Danish Whisk Dough Blade Garnishing Knives and Scraper Baking Tools Set

  • This Dutch style dough whisk is the ideal tool to make fond memories a new reality. It’s made of professional grade stainless steel, and has a sturdy wooden handle to work with even the largest loaves.
  • A Lame Tool- is made of wooden handle and stainless steel with 5 pieces of food grade 304 stainless steel blades, is a must have for dough patterns carving.
  • Silicon Rubber Bowl Dough Scraper -is a cutter to help knead, cut and quickly transport dough, rolling or bagel board to your pan or baking sheet, great and handy baker accessories.
  • Easy to Use – these tool are good grip and easy to use for baking and cleaning. You can use them to make quick breads, cornbread, pancakes, french bread, biscuits, starters,etc.
  • The ones are enough, and you will become a baking artist with great experience.

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