Feeding & Caring for Starter

Feeding & Caring for Starter

After making a loaf of bread, be sure to replenish your starter by ‘feeding’ it so it is ready for its next loaf.

To do this add equal parts lukewarm water and flour to the starter (a typical feed is 200-250g of each) and stir (using a Dutch Whisk or ladle) to mix together with the existing starter.

If you plan to use it within a 6- 12-hour window, it can stay on the counter, at room temperature. Otherwise, it’s best to keep in the fridge.

Feed every 3-4 days.

If you aren’t making bread you may have to throw out some starter (or use in another recipe like pancakes).

Note – when you discard excess starter – do not put down the drain. It can cause the drain to get clogged.