Maybe the best way to explain The Gorgeous Spice Company is with a personal story. One day when my husband and I were first dating, I decided it was time to cook an intimate dinner for two for the first time in my own little kitchen. Mushroom soup would be the appetizer. Except that I didn’t know how to make mushroom soup, and the possibility of failure was too much to bear. So, sheepishly, I bought a can. Problem solved. Except that it didn’t quite feel that way; this meal was supposed to be special, after all. Maybe, I thought, if I can’t make mushroom soup, I can at least make this soup awesome. And suddenly I was excited… I tossed in gobs of cream and butter, more mushrooms (sautéed, of course), cracked pepper, and whatever else I could find, not a measuring spoon in sight, madly playing it by ear until what was in my pot was nothing like what came out of that can. The soup I ended up serving was all mine. The kitchen smelled scrumptious (though it was kind of a mess). He even had seconds. And it really was delicious, even if it wasn’t exactly ‘by the book’.

That story still gets told with glee at family gatherings, and it taught me two things that inspire The Gorgeous Spice Company every day: One is that being a fearless cook is the next best thing to being a chef, and maybe even more fun. And the second is that if you make food with great ingredients and a full heart, you can’t go wrong.

That’s why the heart of our business is our wildly original blends, each one inspired by a classic and reimagined to be as versatile as possible so you can experiment with abandon. And why the heart of our blends is ground-to-order, high-quality spices, hand-mixed in small batches and sent directly to your front door.

Today, people tell me I’m a pretty good cook, but I still don’t think that’s true. What I am is a fearless one, and if I can help you have as much fun in your kitchen as I do in mine, then The Gorgeous Spice Company will be a total success.